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Mitchell Seidenfeld

Paralympic Gold Medalist

Individual and group lessons are available from USATT Hall of Fame Player and 2003 USOC Developmental Coach of the Year, Mitch Seidenfeld. Coach Seidenfeld is a professional USATT certified coach.


Coach Seidenfeld is a former World Champion, Paralympic Gold, Silver, and Bronze Medalist, USATT Hall of Fame player and five-time Minnesota State Champion (1992, 1999, 2000, 2002, 2003). Coach Seidenfeld has been passionately and patiently coaching adults and junior players of all playing levels for over 20 years.


For private coaching inquiries please call -  (612) 382-2892

Coach Joe Podvin

Joe Podvin

3-time Minnesota State Champion

Individual and group lessons are available from 3-time state champion Joe Podvin.


Coach Podvin started playing Table Tennis at the age of 11 and was coached from the age of 11-18 by Mitch Seidenfeld. During that time Joe became the Minnesota State Champion two times, won the Minnesota State Doubles Championship multiple times, and was on the Junior National Team as an alternate.   In January 2017 Joe again won the Minnesota State Championship, the State Doubles Championship, and the Hardbat Open.  Joe has coached for the past 3 years and is a full time coach.  Outside of coaching Joe is an avid runner and recently completed the 2017 Twin Cities Marathon.  Joe also has a 10 year old daughter, Maddie, that keeps him very busy!


For private coaching inquiries please call -  (651) 353-2818 or e-mail

Joe Sabas small

Joe Sabas

Joe is the tournament director of the Saturday Open and Super League.  He also coaches the Adult Drills & Skills on Saturdays.


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Ross Reynolds

Ross Reynolds has enjoyed playing table tennis for over 30 years.  Ross brings a tireless enthusiasm to help junior players learn to love the game of table tennis. 



Greg Miller

Greg leads KidzPong program every Saturday morning.  Greg is an avid photographer/videographer, electronics genius, and computer whiz.