Super League

The Super League is Minnesota’s most exclusive league and provides our state’s best players with the opportunity to compete, on a regular basis, against the strongest field of competitors. Players in the Super League are USATT rated between 1700 and 2300 or possess tournament experience gained in other countries.

Players who do not meet these requirements may try-out for a position in the Super League by entering the qualifying tournament held at the beginning of each eight-week session or they may participate as a substitute when a regular league member is unable to attend. Players who cannot commit to being a regular in the league are encouraged to attend, either as a substitute for a missing league player, or as a participant in one of the round robin groups that we organize on the extra tables that are usually available. These extra spots are not guaranteed, are first come, first served, and cost $10/cash or check.

Super League Information
Day/Time: Thursdays, 7-10 pm

Location: Sabes JCC, 4330 S. Cedar Lake Rd., Minneapolis, MN 55416

(Enter through main doors of the building. All players must show photo ID.)

Cost: $80/eight-week session, $10/night if not a regular in the league

Current Format:
Round Robin Ladder League, Groups of five players, Players advance to stronger groups by finishing in first or second place in their group. Cash prizes awarded to winners at the end of the session.